Aprile, 2019


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FISIKO! Festival internazionale di cattive azioni 
Teatro/danza – In collaborazione con Fuori Luogo



durata 30’

Di e con Eddie Oroyan & Jessica Eirado Enes
Music/Sound Design: Eddie Oroyan

We images of ancient cities from before the war, the beautiful mosques and churches, the schools and shopping malls, the neighborhoods… and then we see the same spectacles of humanity after devastating shelling and firefights. Alongside these images of ruin we receive portraits of death, human death and human suffering caused by humans. These visions, they chip away at any hope we may have for the future of humanity. We build, we create, to destroy, to kill. Rubble and bodies fill our histories. This is our cycle, our Sisyphean fate. We label this destruction evil and wrong. And it is… because our evolution has created this meaning and understanding, it is programmed into our DNA. But it is also a law of the universe. Over time, every glass cup formed will be smashed, every body born will decay, all order leads to disorder. Energy dissipates and chaos is left in it’s wake, a one way flow. Even the energy we give to creation adds to this end, to entropy, and the universe doesn’t care. Our definitions and meaning mean nothing to it. The universe is cold and it is only getting warmer. But somehow even knowing this ending we keep making, reforming, forging, reaching. There is a program running on the computers inside our heads that makes us gods! So as we destroy, we build and build and build on top of our own detritus and bones, a little closer to the heavens and a little further down for our boulder to roll. However, somehow this end of all things, this lead to holy mess opens us to those few instants we get where there is order, when creation crystallizes for a moment and defies probability. Pasta e Lava is this defiance. The work, comprised of both instant composition and set material, is the volatile ride through the parallel realities of two bodies creating and destroying. This duet is an open recipe that invites the audience to explore the weave between love and madness and chance. Pasta e Lava is pure creative entropy and it is the measure of time in our hearts.


(Sabato) 18:00


Ex Ceramica Vaccari

Via Carlo Vaccari, 41


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